Edward Gorey Covers

I don’t necessarily get too excited about  first editions or even rare books as such. There are certain things that do get me excited though, but I think maybe it’s just me. I really like anything with crazy pictures, old engraving, and old medical books. I suppose that’s not that unusual, but like I said they don’t really have to be that rare.

But there are things out there in the book collecting world that kind of get my heart racing, and give me heart palpitations on the rare occasion I see them. It’s an original Edward Gorey book cover. Being down here in Australia, it’s pretty rare to come across these as we had a copyright agreement with England, so all our books came from there, and as he designed covers for the American market, we don’t get many down here. But I’ve found a few of these rare creatures, and they’re my little treasures.

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